Lembitu Kuuse verstorben

Lembitu Kuuse, unser beliebtes FN-Mitglied aus Estland, ist im Alter von nur 66 Jahren verstorben. Gleich zwei Skisport-Funktionäre aus Estland haben Nachrufe auf unseren Freund verfasst, Ski-Trainer Mati Alaver und Epp Paal. Mati war seit über 40 Jahren ein Freund von Lembitu. Epp Paal ist uns allen durch zahlreiche Auftritte beim Forum Nordicum bestens bekannt und als Generalsekretärin von Worldloppet Nachfolgerin von Angelo Corradini.


Lembitu wie wir ihn alle kennen, freundlich optimistisch in der Reporterkabine (oben). Im Herbst 2016 war er schon schwer von der Krankheit gezeichnet (Bild Mitte). Eine Erinnerung an glückliche Tage: Lembitu beim Forum Nordicum 2013 in Ankaran mit seiner Frau Heli (unteres Bild). Fotos: privat

Tartu -

Lembitu, the friendly optimist
The skiing season about to start is very different for Estonian as well as international skiing family. It is different because a great master in his field, Lembitu Kuuse, who always inflamed everybody with his characteristic optimism, is not among us any more.

During the high times of Estonian skiing, Lembitu was a trusted source of information for his Scandinavian and Central European colleagues. He was referenced and cited as a major authority.

His encyclopedic knowledge about sports was highly regarded by coaches from various skiing countries. They often asked specially for his judgement.

Top world skiers desired to be interviewed by Lembitu because his professionality and positivity ensured always the best results, was it Bente Skari, Katerina Neumanova, Stefania Belmondo, Frode Estil, Lukaš Bauer or Andrus Veerpalu.

Winston Churchill has said that attitude is the little thing which greatly affects the result. Lembitu’s attitude towards skiing and skiers can be described as professional and perfectionistic, always trying to reach the ideal. His skiing commentaries had to be the best, always. And they were – until and including the last meters of his life path.

International skiing community will remember Lembitu as an optimistic and kind-hearted companion.                Mati Alaver


From sports-psychologist to voice of estonia skisports
Lembitu Kuuse was born on September 11th 1950 in Rakvere where in 1960 he finished school with a gold medal. His further education was completed in University of Tartu in 1974 as a mathematician where he started also his career as a lector in sport physiology department.

He was into sports all his life but more seriously he practiced running and orienteering which become popular in 70s. In the beginning of 80ies on one orienteering competition he was organizing, accidently started his sport reporter career when he had to replace an announcer. Soon he was making sport reports for radio and was leading media and communication of Tartu Maraton, the biggest sport event in whole Soviet Union. This work brought him on 1988 finally to Estonian Television where he worked until end of his life. Starting from 1994 he commentated on site all Olympics and had to skip due to health problems only the last games in Rio.

His life work has been acknowledged over the years with multiple awards: he has received life work award of Estonian Olympic Committee and Cultural Endowment of Estonia. For every Estonian Lembitu´s voice is automatically connected to ski sport event live transmission or sports news, which is acknowledgment which he valued probably the most of them all.                                   Epp Paal