40. Forum Nordicum findet vom 14.- 17. Oktober in Antholz statt

40th Forum Nordicum Scheduled - Antholz Invites to Anniversary from 14-17 October


Leipzig - The 40th Forum Nordicum will take place from 14-17 October 2019 in Antholz. During a visit to the Biathlon World Championships mecca in South Tyrol, we were able to fix the final date together with the World Championships OC Secretary General Erika Pallhuber.

The Forum will be held this autumn amidst the World Championships biathlon facility, with the modern media centre serving as our meeting venue. The World Championships area will also be used for the evening events, where our hosts have offered the V.I.P. Lounge, which will be christened with the events at the Forum. In light of the anniversary, our Forum this year will have the motto: 40 Years of Forum Nordicum - Journalism in winter sports in changing times.

We are looking forward to your participation and will inform you about all modalities in time. The accreditation for the Forum begins at the beginning of August, and F.N. members, friends, sponsors, partners and guests will then receive the relevant documents.

Thorsten vom Wege